Monday, September 7, 2009

High Fashion Diva Glam!

Non-Profit: Katies Project
Jewelry Artist: Kelly Mezzepelle
Photographer: Matt Silk
By Kelly Mezzepelle
I arrived at the photo shoot not knowing quite what to expect. I'd never been on a professional photography set before, and I'm sure my amateurity showed. The photographer, Matt Silk, bless his heart, was spending his Sunday evening dealing with an artsy-fartsy jewelry maker, a bunch of high school kids in prom dresses, and rain clouds against a setting sun. So there I was, trying to stay out of the way while the girls were in hair-and-makeup and Matt was setting up and moving around lights. As the girls came out one by one with their hair perfectly coifed, I draped them in the jewelry I had custom made for their Katie's Project dresses. They were so young, but not at all silly or giddy with the glamor of it all. Matt was very patient with them, and them with him was he changed their poses over and over again - turn your head this way, tilt your head that way, put your elbow here, now lets try it there... They were all just as patient with me as I ran in and out of the shots adjusting crooked hanging necklaces, bracelets showing their clasps, and earrings hiding behind wind-blown tresses. Matt would snap a few shots, then we'd retreat into the studio to view them on the computer. Then back to the set, make a few adjustments, shoot a few more and repeat, until we had it - the perfect shot! What an experience. Thanks Global Awareness Project for introducing me to Katie's Project and for giving me the opportunity to have had such an amazing experience.

By Matt Silk

Pro-Bono work has always been an important part of my business, and each year I try to give something back to my community by creating images that can be used for a good cause. Two years ago it was a campaign for Citizens Against Spouse Abuse (CASA), and last year, our Street Reach campaign helped gain awareness for the homeless in Myrtle Beach. So when I was asked to help create images for Katie’s Project last month by the founders of The Global Awareness Project, I was immediately aboard.

Founded In 2007 by Katie Rhoden, Katie’s Project is essentially a dress bank providing dresses and formal accessories to high school girls in need of a little help so they may have the opportunity to attend their prom. A simple principle that has gained much attention. However Katie’s Project is much more than just supplying a prom dress or tuxedo. “We are instilling in these students that they are important too. We hope the goodwill they are experiencing through this project will reinforce what they are learning about community service and the value of helping others. Our hope is to help increase their self worth and willingness to give back once they have the opportunity” explains executive director Kathy Foxworth.

The purpose of our shoot was to illustrate the strength, confidence, and sense of empowerment that is brought to the surface of these young women when given opportunities that might not otherwise exist for them. Accompanying the dresses are custom jewelry pieces created by Kelly Mezzapelle, all of which will be auctioned off at the next Katie’s Project gala. Details of the event can be found on their website.

Special thanks go to Sarah George and Melanie Cormier for organizing the entire photoshoot, our models: Courtnay Bourque, Kendall Seagroves, and Cassie Marrone, as well as our hair stylist Michael Williams from St. James Salon.

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Heather Tenney said...

Excited that Katie's Project and The Global Awareness Project have joined together. Katie's project is a great cause and a great way for everyone in the community to come together.