Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Program for Artists

CrEAtivE CoLLaBoRaTiOn
grants for artists working on
sustainable service projects

"Creative sustainability is creative expression that recognizes, explores, and supports universal interdependency of all phenomena, be they animate or inanimate, internal or external." Britta Konau, Curator, Center For Maine Contemporary Art

Our Goals
· Educate artists about the impact they can have working with a service related organization or project, encouraging them to collaborate and design a project that will havelong-term effects on the organization and/or project.
· Educate non-profits about the potential of tapping an artist’s creative imagination and specifically outlining their particular goals and needs to design a project that will have long-term effects on the organization and/or project.
· Build lasting and meaningful relationships between the artist and the organizations.
· Build leadership and confidence with artists that their work and ideas are valued by designating a certain % of the loan to compensate them for their work.

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