Monday, September 1, 2008

GAP's Board of Directors & Meetings

Global Awareness Project is currently looking for motivated and creative individuals to serve on their board of directors. We meet the 3rd Friday of each month at Palmetto Studios from 12:00-1:00pm. Please call 467-9238 if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity!

Steven Haines
Caitlin Beidler
Paul Grimshaw
Lauren Roberts-Morris
Hiren Shah
Ashley Poston

2009 Schedule of Board Meetings:
February 27th
March 20th
April 27th
May 15th
June 19th
July 17th
August 27th

Meetings have changed to the 3rd Monday,
September 21st
October 19th
November 16th

If you are interested in volunteering, sitting on the Board of Directors or one of GAP's many committees please email:

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Patricia Robinson said...

A father in the home
What a beautiful thought. For a child to have a mother and a father in the home.
A mother and father. Sounds good doesn’t it. A father who pays the bills.
A father who plays with his kids. Who laughs with his kids.
Goes to your activities for school. Helps you with your homework.
What a beautiful thought. Yes! In theory. It is a beautiful thought.
And I wish that for every child who lives. But the real is.
Having a father in the home is not as picture perfect as that.
Picture this. A father who comes home every night, but goes to his room.
A father who lives in the home on week days. At his sisters on weekends
A father who doesn’t get involved. doesn’t go to activities.
A father who doesn’t speak at all to his children, but does pay the bare minimum of the bills.
A father who has 5 kids and gives 40.00 a week for groceries. Nothing extra.
A father who lives in the home, yet goes with other women.
A father who as he walks in the door everyone get quiet.
Some kids live under these circumstances.
Just so a father can be in the home. Some kids live in terror all their little lives.
So the mom can have a man she can say is her husband, is your father.
To some men the word father doesn’t mean love, caring or peace.
It means struggle turmoil, abuse verbal, physical.
It means more questions why, about who he is, than we love dad.
Why should a child have to go through these whys in their lives.
Questioning every piece of non-affection displayed.
Why does my dad acts this way. Why doesn’t dad talk to us, why does he go to his room?
Sometimes its better not to have a dad if he doesn’t want to be in the home.
If he is there to keep from having to paying child support.
I hate what I just had too say. But for your children if that father is causing too many whys?
Ask your self why have that man in your life??? By: Patricia Robinson-8/10/09-9am