Monday, April 7, 2008

About Us

Global Awareness Project is an innovative nonprofit agency designed to showcase humanitarian, environmental and cultural activities in local communities and worldwide.

Through discussions and involvement with non profit organizations, co founders Carl Kerridge and Jessica Durivage recognized that one of their greatest unmet needs is the ability to build community awareness of their missions, activities and accomplishments. That less than 5% of annual budgets are devoted to marketing and promoting awareness of their causes and visions. The Global Awareness Project (GAP) seeks to provide a stronger voice for these invaluable community service organizations through promotional and marketing support utilizing multi media art, photojournalism and documentary work. The Global Awareness Project accomplishes this through creative projects, art shows and global events designed to foster GAP's core values of community connection, awareness and education.

The Global Awareness Project is creating a network of forward thinking, positive individuals. To get involved or learn more email us at:

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