Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GAP Selects 2010 Calendar Partners

Global Awareness Project's Board of Directors selected non-profits for their 2010 Calendar themed "Synergy" this week. Local artist also applied and were selected to partner with the non-profit to create the art piece that will be highlighted in the calendar.GAP's board chose the theme "Synergy" to reflect the importance of collaboration and working together to create a better community.

Over 20 local non-profit organizations applied to be in the calendar and the selection process was very tough. All organizations that applied were more than worthy and in need of promotional support. In the end though, only 12 can be featured in our 3rd Annual Non-Profit Promotional Calendar.

Congratulations to the following organizations and artists:
Non-Profit Organization, Artist, Medium
Russia WV Foundation, Caitlin Beidler, Acrylic
Wellness Council, Michael Files, Print
Miracle League, Barbara & Ed Streeter, Glass
Careteam, Inc., Elken Grate, Multidesigner
Katies Project, Kelly Mezzepelle, Jewelry/Photography
Shoreline, Jennifer Elder, Photography/Acrylic
Rape Crisis Center, Sybil Alfano, Acrylic
WRK, Sherry Kelly, Photography
Abiding Village, Robery Lukey, Photography/oils
Catholic Charities, Kelly Atkinson, Oil/Pastel/Watercolor
Conway Main Street, Lynn Cole Daly, Photography
Waccamaw Youth Center, Allan O'brien, Acrylic/Oil

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kim.g... said...

awesome! can't wait to see it!