Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GAP's 2010 Calendar Application for Artists

Dear Artist,

We are pleased to present you with an opportunity to be a part of Global Awareness Project’s 2010 non profit promotional art calendar, ‘Synergy.” The Global Awareness Project is a 501c3 tax exempt organization whose goals are to assist in the promotion of non profit agencies through multimedia art, photojournalism and documentary work. GAP has distributed over 40,000 calendars, free of charge to residents of Horry County over the last 2 years. Our calendars have also been given out in over 10 countries all over the world!

The calendars showcase a different non-profit each month with a short statement about who they are and what services they provide to the community. The entire calendar connects the residents of the Grand Strand to their events, fund-raisers and holidays by highlighting activities throughout the year.

Our board of directors has made some exciting changes to the calendar for 2010. The theme this year will be “Synergy” and will showcase collaborations between artists and non-profit organizations. The GAP team has had extensive conversations and team building exercises all focused around the idea of building relationships and how to get more people involved with our project. After the success of several art shows, local artists keep asking us how they can get more involved. We have created an opportunity right here to experience a “Global Awareness Project.” GAP’s “Synergy” Project will highlight the positive impact of collaboration.

Attached is an artist application to apply to be chosen for the calendar project. A special committee outside of GAP’s founders and Board of Directors will select the 12 artists chosen to participate in the calendar. The calendar committee will pair up an artist with a non-profit organization. Selected artists will be required to put in 10 hours of volunteer time with the said organization to learn about their mission and how they serve our community. The artist will create an art piece especially for the non-profit. The piece will not only be the selection for the calendar but will also be donated back to the organization after it spends the 2010 year as a collection being shown around the Grand Strand. The calendar launch, in October will also be a special art show for the twelve participating artists in the calendar project. Each artist will have up to 20 feet of wall space to showcase their work.

On the following page you will find an application to help us become familiar with you, your work and why you would be a fit for this project. Please complete the questions and email it back to info@theglobalawarenessproject.org no later than May 31st. There are twelve opportunities to be featured in the calendar. Our board will meet and review the applications received. The selected artists will be notified via email by the end of May.

If you would like more information about our organization please visit our website at www.theglobalawarenessproject.org.

Best Regards,

Jessica Durivage and Carl Kerridge
Co founders, Global Awareness Project

Thank you for helping us save trees by answering the following questions and emailing your responses to:


1. Please list any organizations you have donated your art work to in the past.
2. What inspires you? (in 100 words or less)
3. Why would you be a good fit for this project? (in 100 words or less)
4. Please order in number of importance with 1 being Very Important and 5 being least important which of the following issues are closest to your heart.
___ Children
___ Health (Prevention, awareness, searching for a cure)
___ Women’s Issues
___ Art & Culture
___ Human Rights
___ Environmental

6. Please provide 5 jpegs of your work.

Requirements for Involvement in the calendar
• Artist must be able to meet all deadlines and requirements for the calendar
i. Attend GAP’s annual meet and greet for non-profits and artists at Sun City Café in June. ____ (please initial)
ii. Provide GAP with art piece with correct size requirements to photograph for calendar by September 1st. ____ (initial)
iii. Complete 10 hours of volunteer work with partnering non-profit to learn more about the organization. ____ (initial)
iv. Participate in one of GAP’s 2nd Saturday Art Walks at The Market Common this summer. ____ (initial)
v. MUST help promote and attend the “Synergy” Calendar Launch that will take place sometime in October. ____ (initial)
vi. Artist will forfeit stipend, allotted number of calendars and a spot in the calendar launch/art show if requirements are not 100% met. ____ (initial)

Please email responses to info@theglobalawarenessproject.org

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